User Booklet

Are you an Artist, a Collector, a Gallery or an Amateur? This User Booklet will allow you to discover the platform’s features.

My Account. Your Exhibition Plans

This is where the Exhibition Plans that you have purchased and not yet used are stored.

  • Plan Type = Name of the plan that you have purchased
  • Remaining Artworks = Number of piece of art that you can still submit with the plan
  • Exposure duration = How long will the artwork be exhibited on the plateform?

You can use your Plans anytime by submitting a new artwork.

Note: You can purchase Exhibition Plans when submitting new artworks, see our Pricing page.


  1. When submitting your first piece of art, you decide to buy a MASTER Exhibition Plan.

  2. You submit your first piece of art with the Plan that you’ve just bought. The other works included in your Plan will consitute your credit of remaining artwork to submit.

  3. You can then use your credit anytime by submitting a new work (Submit Artwork).

  4. You will retrieve your Plan along the path of submitting a new work (at the step Choose an Plan Exhibition Plan)

  5. Choose your Master Plan and your second piece of art will automatically be submitted.

My Profile. Tell others who you are

ArtWe is a platform that brings together various profiles in the art world. We strongly suggest to our users to complete their profiles as best as they can in order to optimize their visibility.

How can you define yourself?

  • Display Name: It’s your artist name. It will follow you on the platform.
  • Profile Picture: Upload your profile picture so Art Lovers get to see the artist behind the artworks.
  • Type of Profile: What defines you the best?
    • Artist
    • Art Lover
    • Collector
    • Gallery
  • About You: This is a free space where you can share your biography as well as your artistic approach. It allows the public to:
    • Know you better
    • Better comprehend your art and find clues to understanding it
  • Email: In order to be contacted directly by potential buyers
  • Website: The link to your universe (i.e your own merchand website)
  • Instagram: The link to your instagram page
  • Facebook: The link to your facebook page

Note: You can also change your password via this screen. Follow the instructions and enter a new password in the fields provided for this purpose.

Personal Page:

All of this information will be used to build your Personal Page that is displayed whenever someboby clicks on your Display Name on the platform.

This page is made of:

  • Information related to your Profile
  • Your Personal Gallery which gathers all your exhibited artworks

My Artworks. Manage your exhibited works

This page lists all the artworks that you have submitted to ArtWe.

Artwork can have different status:

  • Pending Approval: You submitted your artwork but it has not yet been accepted by ArtWe (Expiration date is empty)

  • Live: Your artwork has been validated by ArtWe and is currently displayed on the platform (Expiration date is filled)

From this screen you can perform several actions:

  • Edit an artwork

    You can edit your artwork anytime:
    1. Pass your mouse over the picture of the artwork
    2. You will see an “Edit” button appear
    3. Click on the “Edit” button

    All fields can be updated.

  • Mark an artwork sold

    When you sell an artwork, instead of deleting it you can give it a “sold” label:
    1. Pass your mouse over the picture of the artwork
    2. You will see a “Mark sold” button appear
    3. Click on the “Mark sold” button

    The information will then be visible to everyone on the platform.

  • Delete an artwork

    You can delete one of your piece of art anytime:
    1. Pass your mouse over the picture of the artwork
    2. You will see a “Delete” button appear
    3. Click on the ” Delete ” button

My Collection.Save the pieces of art you like

This serves as your art “wish-list”. This page allows you to save other users’ art so you can come back to it anytime.

It’s your Virtual Collection…and your first step to a real one…?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy your visit!