Portrait in the fight between dark and opera luminous, Oil on gesso board panel, 70 x 50 x 4 cm, 2020 by Peter van Toth

#Black and White #Contemporary #Expressionism #Portrait
About the work:

Our consciousness is an always on virtual reality maker that creates a lot of meaning, structure, pattern on top of the real reality. Its tools and mediums are the senses like oil paint and brushes, and the mind as the canvas where there is a continuous painting upon. Structures and patterns and perspective and tone and texture and meaning and effect in painting are symbolic materialisation of this more underlying process. But what would reality be if we could switch off this superimposing machinery we call consciousness and all our natural and instinctual and unquestioned layers and filters of sense making? Could we de-intensify this coupling to the world and then look? Chitta Vritti Nirodha is a famous attempt in spiritual tradition to do that, meaning “to stop the flow of the consciousness field”. In this series I go on a journey to turn the consciousness knob down a little bit, to de-intensify the automatic VR experience we call “reality” and embrace this de-intensification.