De-intensified Velázquez, Oil on board panel, 50 x 70 x 4 cm, 2020 by Peter van Toth

#Abstract #Contemporary #Expressionism
About the work:

In my next attempt to turn down some automatic consciousness knobs, i ran into a total defeat. I worked on this painting in my head for many days, all the time coming up with very specific ways of what to do and how. So although i started off with concentrating heavily on how to get under the skin of form, tones, colours and automatic patterns, i was lost exactly the early moment when i made those circular palette knife movements in the middle 🙂 at that moment the form of the body was centred and laid out. I tried to counteract with putting a seemingly context free simple black line leading away from the nude form, but this counterattack failed miserably again when it turned back into a rectangular form, and at this moment i realised i paint Velázquez’ Rokeby Venus. It was a huge defeat. I tried one more step to overwrite this subconscious plan execution with textured stripes vertically flowing down and eventually overflowing or washing away the human form…but they could not touch the form…I desperately tried the approximation but at that moment another process in me put me in a state where I have built up an emotional relationship with the forms already in place, so my feelings were taken over and didn’t let me touch or reach the form and the centre composition with any vertical structures. It was a defeat again in falling prey to my very processes that were being executed in me since days without noticing where do all these lead….:-) next time .