Comets, Oil on wood panel, 50 x 70 x 4 cm, 2020 by Peter van Toth

#Abstract #Expressionism
About the work:

Oil and drill on wood panel. W 70 x H 50 x D 3.9 cm.

Space(time) is the most fundamental building block of our perception and consciousness. It is the trickiest basic automatic process that shapes our reality. Space is the fundamental stuff that is out there, this is our “experience”, being in this big space (big rectangular space :-))) that is everywhere. But since ever we found holes in this seeming triviality, holes that were drilled by Kant when he put space and time from outside into the inside as the most basic tools of consciousness, or by Riemann and Einstein when they realised spacetime and its geometry are subject to the same dynamical processes as a moving object or electricity, and since then both in science, philosophy and in our experience space and time became more discrete and co-created. We got to the point such that we are not so much inside in an external space, but we are ourselves spaces that grow and determine how we see and perceive and experience. We are ourselves holes drilled through this fabric of spacetime that is the very constituent of our being…we are ourselves holes through ourselves and space is created by this drilling!