Salacia (Green nude), Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50 cm, by Lada Pestretsova

#Contemporary #Expressionism #Figurative
About the work:

Salacia, luxuriates between the salt water oceans and the freshwater mineral springs that form her domain. She is chaste and contemplating her escape to the Atlantic prior to her fruitful union with Neptune

Lada Pestretsova has exhibited internationally since 1989. Her works can be found in galleries, museums, corporate offices, restaurants and private collections around the world.
After graduating from the Moscow Stroganov State Academy of Arts and Industry, Lada began searching for her artistic voice. She discovered it not in a single medium, but in a personal style centred around narrative.
Central to all of Lada’s works is happiness, the joy of life that the artist herself revels in. This irresistible energy flows directly to her audience, instilling within them a sense of delight at the sheer wonder of being.