The Skaters, Acrylic and oil on box canvas, 125 x 65 x 3 cm, 2019 by Paul Hillary

#Abstract #Contemporary #Figurative
About the work:

Paul created The Skaters from numerous persepectives. “We were going through quite a cold snap with loveley winter atmospheres which had the effect of influencing a colour palette of mauves, blues and greys, and also of cold weather activities.

I was also in quite an experimental mood, immersing myself in exploring scraping, drizzling, sponging, daubing and acrylic glazing techniques. The subject matter arose from the culmination of these things, the actual figurative Skaters element arriving at quite a late stage. I loved scraping the skaters blade marks on the suggestion of a frozen lake. The painting floats somewhere between representation and abstract – which I like. I was keen to explore unusual shapes of canvas.”