Orange Kaisen, Acrylic and oil on box canvas, 100 x 120 x 4 cm, 2017 by Paul Hillary

#Abstract #Colorful #Contemporary
About the work:

Orange Kaisen is part of a body of artworks devoid of specific objects and reality, allowing the viewer to take in the relationships of shapes, texture and colour, creating a personal interpretation. So much of the texture and colour relationships have echoes of nature and reality, be it tree bark, water surface or even more celestial references.

It is interesting how perceptions shift when the artwork is hung on a wall as opposed to on an easel. A new setting with changing viewpoints allows the viewer to re-interpret the look and feel. All Paul’s paintings spend a little time on the walls of the family home inviting comments and reactions from family and friends.

Most of this abstract collection begin with the application of colourless texture, followed by experimentation with key shapes and colours and textured areas. The abstract then gradually builds and changes, adding and taking away and blending colours and textures.