Deconstruction10, Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 x 1 inches, 2019 by Jarek Filipowicz

#Abstract #Colorful #Contemporary #Expressionism
About the work:

There’s a place, at the beginning of time, where energy took form of matter, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules. We have a choice: to see each other as one or to remain blind. Creation happens constantly around us. It took a trip to Old Delhi, to recognize the daily dance in echoed steps of narrow streets, it took a most delicious deep fried banana and condensed milk paratha to taste joy and the view from Jama Masjid dwarfing the chaos below to a rustle of ants on a forest floor. We’re all stardust in its purest form, we evolve, we transform energy around us on impact, we create the light from within. The greatest teaching I took away from visiting India is the serenity to carry in my heart, understanding my connection with universe and seeing miracle when it happens in front of my eyes. Light and colour play on this work, blending, meeting a random texture. Warm sepia, yellows and oranges, stand out from the pale pastel blues turning into purple. This is a transformative energy of creation captured in a moment. Ready for a loving home.