Deconstruction 1, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 30 x 1 inches, 2019 by Jarek Filipowicz

#Abstract #Colorful #Contemporary #Expressionism
About the work:

Could you press a ‘Pause’ button to reality happening around you? What if you could? what if everything just froze around you and in the chaos, you could finally see the fun of the situation? Mary Poppins holding her umbrella, whilst being pulled by the collar of the coat by a Turkish waiter? A giraffe, hiding in a dustbin, playing a trumpet ?! The point is: let your brain free, let your eyes play with the colour and shape, allow the contrast to tell you the story. Love of my life is colour blind. This puts things into perspective. Composing this piece brought me so much joy, almost as if the whole picture was printed by my hand? Perhaps one day, the printers and computers still won’t match pure concepts of a free range brain.