For Artists

ArtWe's Benefits for Artists

  • Responsive online Art Gallery
  • Strong Local Presence
  • The opportunity to sell your work by yourself
  • Statistics & Insights on your local e-reputation
  • 0 commission on sales
  • Social Network coverage

4 steps to Go

1- Submit your Artwork

Artists can submit their artwork to ArtWe, and thus enjoy greater local visibility.

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2- Choose your Exhibition Plan

Exhibition Plans allow the presentation of one or mutliple pieces of artwork on ArtWe.

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3- Pass the ArtWe Approval Process

The ArtWe Team reviews each submitted work of art to make sure it complies with the platform’s expected level of quality.

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4- Start your Local Deals!

That's it! Your artworks are live within your City & Neighborhood. Expect new leads!

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1-Submit your Artwork. Just fill out the Form

An Exhibition Form is displayed whenever you click on Submit Artwork. This form is unique to each piece of art. Meaning that you must fill out one form per work that you wish to submit.

Make sure to fill out all the information fields related to your artwork so that the public can fully appreciate your work.

Upload beautiful pictures of your artwork. Photographs are key elements for your successful exhibition; they must capture the visitor’s attention

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Lighting should be optimal
  • Framing should be well centered
  • In site Image: Take a picture of the artwork placed in an interior, such as a living room or a bedroom, showing as well some furniture or objects:
    > It will help the buyer to imagine how the artwork would look in its interior
    > It will allow him to correctly assess the dimensions of the piece

- Upload several photos for each artwork (limit of 3 photos).
- Avoid heavy media (> 7 Mo). It might slow down the page on which your artwork is displayed

2-Choose an Exhibition Plan. You've got the choice

Exhibition Plans allow the presentation of one or more pieces of artwork.

Exhibition Plans range from a Basic Plan that allows the submission of one artwork, to a Master Plan that includes as much as 10 artwork submission works.

Each Exhibition Plan represents a one time fee.

  • No Membership Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Easy to Use

See our Pricing page for more information about it.

3-Pass the ArtWe Approval Process. Finger crossed

The ArtWe team reviews each submitted work of art to make sure it complies with the platform’s expected level of quality. Two aspects are considered:

  • The Exhibition Form: Is the content well written, easy to understand and completed in full? Are the photographs good enough quality? Is the artwork appearing in the correct category?
  • The Artwork: ArtWe only promotes unique and authentic pieces of art with good artistic features.

If a piece of artwork is not selected to be exhibited on the platform, we will notice the artist.

4-Start your Local Deals. You're good to go!

Share your Artworks as much as you can, the more views you get, the more your local reputation grows.