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Gordon Render

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I graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Cape Town a long time ago, majoring in painting and photography. I worked as photographer then moved to cinematography. Spent many years shooting many different things ranging from feature films and television to commercials and corporate videos. I also spent time writing for the screen and television. I had loads of failures and a good few successes - that is the nature of the screen-writing 'beast'. About eight years ago I realised that my last painting exhibition was in 1978 in Cape Town and that I hadn't made a picture of any description since! I decided to do something about that and picked up where I'd left off. I have been making art again since then... I have spent time interpreting my reactions to photographs that have meant a lot to me and visualising those reactions. Many of these photographs are truly iconic images - images that have become part of of our cultural heritage. Others are images by photographers who have affected the way I look at the world - photographic artists who I admire and to whom I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude for their ability to look at, and capture, things in a way that informs and enlightens me and anyone else who sees their work. Other work is either influenced by or based on my own photography.

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