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Jarek Filipowicz Fine Art

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I was born in the melting pot of Polish, Russian, German and Jewish culture - Lodz in Poland, centre of the industrial revolution. A town of labourers, artists, scientists and factory owners. Cotton, wool and silk mills made it a spot for fabrics and art, brought fortunes to few and provided breadline for many. I've been fortunate to admire art noveau and neo - classical architecture, easily available in forms of town houses, palaces of the factory owners and mahogany villas hidden in the forests surrounding city limits. Hours in the museum halls, studying techniques of Polish artists, who created modern art from the dawn of the past century. Witkacy, Strzeminski, Kobro, Abakanowicz, Hasior... That's my childhood heroes. One of the greatest blessings for me had been an opportunity to travel: North and South America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia... Every step of the way, I keep finding inspiration for photography. Small plants and animals provide just as exciting subjects as mountain ranges, vistas and endless planes. I believe that photography allows those, who are less fortunate in their paths to get to know places they may never visit. And I really feel passionate about capturing human and animal behaviour. At the same time abstract painting allows me to express what often words fail in doing. Maintaining family heritage and in appreciation of my cultural background I aim at all works being captivating and reflective of the present . In all original pieces, I weave a multi layered - multi dimensional fabric, equally engaging to sight and touch. Art must be inclusive. Exhibitions: OD Talamanca Marina, Ibiza, Spain - Solo exhibition May 2020 Koppel Project - Holborn, London - Joint exhibition October 2018 Open to opportunities of exhibiting work worldwide.

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